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Seahawks, NFL Draft podcast with Derek Stephens & Davis Hsu


Derek Stephens and Davis Hsu recorded another NFL/Seahawks Podcast last week and spent about an hour and a half hitting on pretty much every subject of concern for Seattle fans over the past few months. Topics include Anthony McCoy, Luke Willson, Russell Wilson, the Seahawks' UDFA class, their Draft class, and much, much more. Give it a listen:

Seahawks/NFL Podcast with Derek Stephens & Davis Hsu (right click to download)

Davis' knowledge on the Seahawks' salary-cap and roster tendencies meshes perfectly with Derek's top-level expertise on prospects from this year's Draft through his deep scouting, for his own website and for Rob Rang and and the Lindy's Draft publication, and makes these podcasts an awesome listen for any Seahawks or NFL fan.

As Derek announces in this podcast, he's expecting to be contributing a lot more over at ('s Draft coverage with Rob Rang and Dane Brugler) this season. Huge congrats to Derek for that opportunity and it's exciting that more of his scouting will be read on a national level. Derek will also continue to contribute here and do podcasts with Davis, so it's a win-win for all of us. As always, follow Derek on twitter @dstephensscout.

Also, make sure, if you don't already, to check out Davis on Twitter - that's his natural habitat and where he does the vast majority of his analysis.