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Seahawks offseason podcast with Wait For It Seattle


I got on the horn with Kevin Cacabelos and Brian Elsner - the fellas from Wait For It Seattle - last night to talk a little Seahawks, and you can listen in to that conversation by clicking on the link below. It was my first time talking to Brian but I've worked with Kevin a ton in the past from when we were both over at SBN Seattle - he covered some of the early Chris Hansen-Sonics stuff really well, in addition to his work on Husky basketball, football, and a host of other topics - so I know they do great work and it was fun to get to chat with these guys.

Just a quick heads up - my connection at the beginning of the podcast was a little crackly but after I moved to a more cell-phone friendly location in my place, the sound quality of my voice improves a bit. Either way - we talked about the Bruce Irvin move to linebacker, Marshawn Lynch's outlook for 2013, Russell Wilson of course, the offensive line, the tight end group, and a few odds and ends. It's about 30 minutes or so - give it a listen, bookmark Wait for it Seattle, and go ahead and give @KevinCacabelos & @Elsnopolis a follow on Twitter while you're at it.


Podcast Episode #3 (Feat. Danny Kelly of FieldGulls) | Wait For It Seattle
The Wait For It Seattle podcast returns for the second season with a new format, new editing and new jokes. Ok, probably the same old jokes, but the rest is new. Kevin Cacabelos, once of SB Nation and currently an intern for ESPN, teams up with Wait For It Seattle founder (sounds fancy) Brian Elsner to comment on everything relevant in Seattle sports today.