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Twelve's Company, a Seahawks podcast

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We tackle Micheal Bennett's assumptions on women's needs, the Seahawks injury report, and look at the NFC playoff picture in week four's episode

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We did it! Like the little girl in the Neverending story, we were finally given a name! Just like in the story, we were given our name just moments before our entire world was collapsed.

Phew, that was close.

The name we're going with is "Twelves Company." We got a surprisingly large number of suggestions, and really want to thank everyone who took the time to send one (or several, talking to you Arif) in to us. We are working on a sweet hippity hop intro right now, we hope to debut that next week. Cross your fingers guys!

This week we went on a bit of a 49ers binge. We jumped around from Michael Crabtree's status, to Harbaugh's ability to make midseason adjustments, to looking through their schedule in hopes of determining their chances at a playoff berth. Hint: Not all three of us think their odds are that good.

We also took the obligatory look back at last weekends banishment of the Jacksonville Jaguars, then move on to the injury report, and discuss possible implications some offensive line issues might have on this weeks game in Houston.

I really hope you guys are liking what we have been putting out so far, it has been an overwhelming joy to put these things together, and we really feel like chemistry is getting there. Let us know what's good in the comments, or hit us up on twitter!

Luke: @MyHawkSoFly

Matt: @SeattleDoorMatt

Ike: @VincentVanIke