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Field Gulls Radio: Superbowl XLVIII Edition - Part II, featuring former Seahawks linebacker Chad Brown

This Sunday the Seattle Seahawks will go up against the prettiest passing game the NFL has ever seen. Peyton Manning shattered the NFL record for passing touchdowns in a season and also won the crown in terms of single season yardage. The Hawks' defensive backfield should prove to be a worthy opponent however... it looks to be one of the best matchups in some time.

Christian Petersen

For Part II of our Field Gulls Radio Super Bowl live show, we'll have guys Jacson Bevens, Danny Kelly, and Jacob Stevens on to talk about their thoughts on the game. Local celeb "Sonics Guy" will join us as well to share his feelings on all things Seahawks, and Brandon Adams will join us and fill everyone in on what he's been up to since he shut down

William Cornell, creator of the Rain City Redemption series, will join us for a few minutes to share some of the origins of the series too. I'm personally excited for that, as all of those videos are absolutely bonkers if you ask me.

And last but SURELY not least, we were able to snag an actual athlete; former all-pro linebacker Chad Brown. Chad spent 8 years with Seattle in the last 90's and early 2000's.

He'll talk about the evolution of the Superbowl media week over the last 20 years, the Hawks linebackers, and give a prediction for Sunday! You won't be disappointed, we swear!

Listen live at 2pm Saturday afternoon

Make sure to give us some input if there's anything you want to cover! on twitter or leave your thoughts in the comments. We had over 10,000 listeners last week, so I'm hoping we'll get some good feedback!

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Here is Part I of the Field Gulls Radio Super Bowl Show from last week, in case you missed it the first time around:

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