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Super Bowl 48: Field Gulls Radio Super Bowl Preview, featuring Chad Brown, Danny Kelly, Jacson Bevens

Tomorrow is the Superbowl guys! Join us today at 2pm to get your last good pregame fix.

Tom Pennington

The setlist is made, the stage is set.

Today's show should prove to be the best of the year. We'll have:

Former All Pro LB Chad Brown

FG editor in chief, Danny Kelly

FG Contributors: Jacson Bevens and Jacob Stevens

Creator of the Rain City Redemption series, William Cornell

Local celeb: Sonics Guy

Brandon Adams, formerly of

We'll have some music here at there as it's a pretty long show and we'll need breaks. Credits to:

Spekulation, Eric Keith VellVett, and Prometheus Brown.

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This year has been so much fun, I just wanted to thank everyone who did listen. We topped 100 live listens most every week, we usually had 1,000 podcasted listens each week. Last week 10,000 of you tuned in! That's really awesome. I am going to talk to Patton and Corax about maybe doing a live call in celebration if the Seahawks pull this one out. Give everyone a chance to swear on the air, or just yell about how happy they are. Let me know if you guy's are interested in that.

It's been fun. Wishing the Hawk's luck tomorrow. See you at 2.