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Danny Kelly's Football 101

The Seahawks' versatile & athletic front-seven

Breaking down how Seattle stifled a high-octane Saints' offense.

Integrating scouting & player development

The Seahawks' defense took over the #1 spot in scoring defense this past week with their shutout of the New York Giants, now holding opponents to an average of 14.6 points per game.

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Long live the read option

The most talked about offensive scheme of 2012 is still thriving this season thanks to its ongoing evolution.

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Breaking down bunch formations

What's that gaggle of receivers crowded off the offensive tackle? It's a bunch formation, and it's rapidly becoming one of the most important offensive concepts in the NFL. Danny Kelly heads to the film room for a closer look.

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Let's get zone blitzed!

In the modern NFL, getting to the quarterback with a standard four-man pass rush seems to have become exceedingly difficult. This is where creative scheming and the zone blitz come in.

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A look at the Colts' revamped run game

Under offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, the Indianapolis Colts are the latest team to embrace innovations in the ground game to beat opposing defenses. Here's a look at how they do it.

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The NFL's '5-tool' players

They're an offensive coordinator's best friend, and a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. Speedy, versatile players like Jamaal Charles, Darren Sproles and Golden Tate are changing the game.

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An illustrated guide to playing cornerback

Who's the best corner in the NFL right now? Richard Sherman would tell you that he is, and he makes a good case for it.

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Learning to love the no-huddle offense

Last year was all about the read option. In 2013, the NFL world is buzzing about the hurry-up and no-huddle offenses. How will the latest round of offensive innovation impact the game?

Being the dictator

Seahawks run-heavy vs. spread-out personnel groupings

"Owning the Redline"

Breaking down a major Seahawks' offensive principle for 2013.

Kyle Shanahan, Tom Cable and the read-option

Is the read-option a trendy gimmick or is it a valid offensive scheme that is here to stay in the NFL? That is a good question, and no one knows the answer.

The hard count

The importance of setting offensive line protections.

The Seahawks & the 4-3 Under: Winds of change?

The over-front vs. the under-front.

Russell Wilson & The Signature NFL Throw

That boy good.

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Scouting the draft's multipurpose safeties

Which prospects are best suited to the expanded role of an NFL safety?

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Looking for the next J.J. Watt

Our breakdown of the next generation of multifaceted players moves to the defense.

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NFL Draft 2013: Breaking down the H-backs

Scouting the potential prospects that could play the modern version of a position whose name is the abbreviated form of "Hybrid Back".

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Scouting the 'Jokers' in the 2013 NFL Draft

Athletic, hybrid tight ends are carving out an important place in the modern NFL. Which players in the 2013 NFL Draft represent the next generation of jokers?

Variety in gameplanning & multiplicity within sets

More on the NFL chess match.

The profound effect of play-action

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NFL defenses must change or die

NFL offenses are changing, leaving coaches scrambling to find answers on defense.


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