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The cHawkboard

Pete Carroll's culture of mental toughness

"Culture has more impact than scheme. It has more to do with winning than scheme." - Kevin Stallings

Brock Huard's Chalk Talk: Wilson to Baldwin

Huard breaks down Russell Wilson's touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin.

UPDATED: Seahawks tackling fundamentals

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll recently put together a short clinical video for coaches that teaches and emphasizes a "rugby-style" shoulder tackling method.

Jaguars' personnel men talk about the draft

The Jaguars' website has a series now where members of the personnel department are interviewed about the draft and their picks.

The Bill Belichick All-22 breakdowns from 2013

One of the best ways to learn about the game is to hear the actual guys that call the plays describe their designs. Here's Patriots coach Bill Belichick doing just that.

The Chip Kelly All-22 breakdowns from 2013

Chip Kelly has a weekly "Kelly-strator" feature at the Eagles website.

Understanding the route tree

Field Gulls own Travis Williams looks at the basics of a WR route tree.

Wide receiver release technique drills [video]

Just fascinating to watch. Playing corner must be very difficult.

Inside zone techniques [video]

I thought this video -- by Howard University offensive line coach Chennis Berry -- that explains some of the coaching points for the inside zone, is also very illuminating.

The cHawkboard: Oregon's read zone 'dart'

The cHawkboard: Oregon's 'jet lead fly sweep'

Here's Charles Fischer explaining the Jet Lead Fly Sweep out of the triple option look.

The cHawkboard: Oregon's 'read sweep'

Here's Charles Fischer explaining the Sweep Read, which may be a wrinkle we see the Seahawks use next year with Harvin and/or Marshawn Lynch/Christine Michael.

Brian Billick chalktalk: Identifying man vs. zone

Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick breaks down how quarterbacks identify man vs. zone defenses.

Hawks v Giants: The Xs & Os, via Football Gameplan

A look at the Seahawks' upcoming matchup with the Giants from an Xs and Os point of view, via Football Gameplan's Emory Hunt.

The cHawkboard: QB reads, keying defenders part II

Check out Part II of this short instructional series on QB Reads.

The cHawkboard: Basic QB reads, keying defenders

I've created a new section at Field Gulls called The Chalkboard, and it'll exist here for those of you that like to learn Xs and Os and some of the coaching nuances of the game.

Pete Carroll on practice

Brought to you by... drumroll... Nike SPARQ (via Win Forever).

LSU Zone Blocking clinic

The more you know...

Chalk Talk: Seahawks' pitch sweep flea-flicker

Brock Huard back this week with his Chalk Talk series, this time breaking down Seattle's pitch-sweep flea-flicker with Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, and Golden Tate. Huard is pretty inimitable when it comes to Xs and Os, so enjoy, and learn.

Breaking down Russell Wilson & the read option


Brock Huard on zone blocking vs. power schemes

In the always excellent Chalk Talk series from 710ESPN's Brock Huard, the former Husky and NFL QB explains the major differences between the Seahawks' and 49ers' rushing schemes.

ESPN's Brock Huard on Golden Tate's 8-yard TD

This series is honestly some of the best and most in-depth analysis of Seahawks' X's and O's out there. Huard, the former Husky and NFL QB, knows what he's talking about when he's diagramming football schemes.

Alex Gibbs Teaches the Zone Blocking Scheme

Do you have the next six or ten hours free? Settle in and watch Alex Gibbs explain Zone Blocking, and major kudos to the first person that actually does this.


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