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The cHawkboard: Basic QB reads, keying defenders part II

As you may have seen, I've created a new section at Field Gulls called The Chalkboard, and it'll exist here for those of you that like to learn Xs and Os and some of the coaching nuances of the game. A good deal of it will be from YouTube, some of it will be short tutorials on schemes and strategies, and typically I'll try to add a little thought or two as to why it relates to the Hawks or why I find it interesting. Really this section is just an addendum to the site, much like our On the Airwaves section or the new Seahawk History section.

I posted part one of this video series last week; and I think it's important to understand basic reads quarterbacks make - we're not all former players here and just for me, understanding simple stuff like this makes watching the games infinitely more interesting and enjoyable.

So, check out Part II of this short instructional series on QB Reads. It's pretty cool.