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The Chip Kelly All-22 breakdowns from 2013

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Field Gulls, we try to focus some of our attention to the Xs and Os of football and make the game easier to understand. In studying the game, I like to read books, breakdowns, and All-22 analysis, and watching a lot of tape is indispensable. That said, one of the best ways to learn about the game is to hear the actual guys that call the plays describe their designs.

Chip Kelly has a weekly "Kelly-strator" feature at the Eagles website. The Eagles website has the best video production of any team in the NFL (Fran Duffy is one of the guys in charge of that), probably by a long shot, so I'd recommend bookmarking it. The Seahawks have been rumored to have a major overhaul in store for their digital content in 2014, so hopefully getting the coaches involved with breaking down some Xs and Os is on the agenda, because that would be neat-o.

Either way - as a student of the game, watching Chip Kelly break down tape is about as close as you're going to get at a 300-level college course in football schematics.

All-22 Playbook Analysis With Chip Kelly
As Training Camp fast approaches, learn more about head coach Chip Kelly's operation through The Kelly-strator feature, a weekly in-season exclusive as part of our Eagles Game Plan show. Following each game, Kelly and Eagles Game Plan host Brian Baldinger used the All-22 to break down the biggest plays and performances - from Kelly's debut at Washington to Nick Foles' seven-touchdown game in Oakland to the NFC East division championship win over Dallas. Here is last season's archive in one place ...