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The Bill Belichick All-22 breakdowns from 2013

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As I said over at the Chip Kelly version of this post, here at Field Gulls, we try to focus some of our attention to the Xs and Os of football and make the game easier to understand. In studying the game, I like to read books, breakdowns, and All-22 analysis, and watching a lot of tape is indispensable. That said, one of the best ways to learn about the game is to hear the actual guys that call the plays describe their designs.

Here's Patriots coach Bill Belichick doing just that:

Belichick Breakdown: Patriots vs. Browns
Coach Belichick breaks down another comeback victory. Go inside the studio with Belichick and Scott Zolak to get an inside look at all the key plays that sealed the win over the Browns.

Belichick breaks down win over Houston
This week, we go inside the studio with Scott Zolak and Coach Belichick as they break down some key plays from the Patriots win over the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Belichick dissects the comeback
The Patriots offense and defense both came through in impressive fashion during the second half and overtime Sunday night, and Bill Belichick stops by with an Xs-and-Os breakdown of the comeback victory over Denver.

Belichick breaks it all down
Bill Belichick gives us his Xs-and-Os look at a pair of key offensive plays from Sunday's victory over the Steelers. Here is this week's Belichick Breakdown.

Patriots Today - Belichick breaks down Miami win
The second half against Miami last week included numerous huge plays for the Patriots. Bill Belichick stops by to show us exactly how Stevan Ridley, Devin McCourty and others came through in the clutch.

Patriots Today - Belichick breaks down a thriller
Bill Belichick brings us an Xs-and-Os look at five significant plays - including the game-winning touchdown - from last Sunday's sensational fourth quarter comeback win over the Saints.

Patriots Today - Breaking it down (part 2)
Bill Belichick is back with more Xs and Os from the Pats' win over Atlanta. This time, it's a break down of two huge offensive plays in the fourth quarter.

Patriots Today - Breaking down the Pats' defense
The Pats' victory over the Falcons Sunday night was chock full of key plays, so here's part 1 of this week's Belichick Breakdown, as the Pats' head coach gives us his perspective on the game's big defensive plays.

Patriots Today - Belichick breaks it down
You won't want to miss this edition of Belichick Breakdown, as the Patriots head coach shows us how practice paid off last week. Catch an Xs and Os look at Aqib Talib, Brandon Bolden and the Pats' victory over Tampa Bay.

Patriots Today - Belichick breaks down Pats-Jets
Pressure on Geno Smith, combined with downfield coverage, helped the Pats' defense lead the way in a win over the Jets in week 2. Catch this edition of Belichick Breakdown for a closer look from the coach.

Patriots Today - Belichick breaks down Pats-Bills
Get a glimpse inside the studio with Coach Belichick in this segment from our TV show, Patriots All Access. Coach Belichick breaks down some key plays in the win over Buffalo on Sunday.