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Cassius Marsh talks to Field Gulls about attending pass rush summit, favorite Anime shows, and more

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After Seahawks’ training camp today, I was able to chat with defensive end Cassius Marsh about his offseason, tattoos, and what he does for fun.

For this interview, the bolded paragraphs are my questions, and the non-bolded paragraphs are Marsh’s responses.

How was the pass rush summit? Did you pick up anything that you’ll use this season?

I picked up a lot of stuff. I picked up a lot of great things from some great pass rushers around the league. It was a great experience.

What was it like working with guys like Von Miller or the other pass rushers?

It was awesome. Most of the great pass rushers in the league were there. Obviously, missing some big names as well. DeMarcus Ware is so full of knowledge. Von Miller as well. It was about watching other guys’ rushes and how they go about their work. Just connecting with other guys that are reaching for greatness.

Do you have a mentor on the team that you tend to work with?

Mike B. [Michael Bennett] and Cliff [Avril]. Mike B. likes to work with people more, but everybody is different. Cliff and Mike have definitely been my mentors. Mike is an interior rusher and outside rusher, but his rush style is different. I’ve taken stuff from both of them. I’m blessed to have them. Me and Frank teach each other as well. We are all peers here and all teach each other things. A lot to learn from these guys.

Do you think your role will be expanded on from last year? It seemed like you did a lot of edge rushing, special teams work, and stunts.

I look to play as much as I possibly can.

Is there somebody on the defense that has been standing out in camp?

It’s the Seahawks’ defense. Everybody is standing out. Everyone is taking steps toward getting better and looking to give us a chance at getting back to the Super Bowl. We are all focused on winning the conference. Right now, we are focusing on playing the Chargers.

Are you guys excited to play the Chargers?

We’re excited to play every single week. Any team that comes across we are excited to play. No matter who. It’s all about us.

From the defensive side, what’s the preparation for preseason games like versus regular season games?

You want to scheme a little bit. You can’t scheme quite as much as you want to with the new coaches and new players. Every team does it differently. Nobody is really scheming like you do in regular season. You kind of want to keep it simple for your guys and get out there and just run around and make plays.

Speaking of coaches, what do you think of [Seahawks defensive line coach] Clint Hurtt?

I like Coach Hurtt a lot. He has taught me a lot. Helped me with my technique and kept me accountable for when I f*** up. Good coach. Good addition to the team. Fits right in with the guys. I’ve enjoyed him.

On the personal side, do you have any ideas for future tattoos? Also, where do you go to get them?

I get my tattoos from Tony Adamson from “A Minds Eye” in Boise, Idaho. It’s the number one tattoo parlor in Boise. Really talented guy. Right now I don’t have any new ideas. I’m just trying to clean up the stuff I have now. [Laughing] You never know with tattoos, I could come up with something tomorrow.

A lot of people know about your love of Magic The Gathering. Do you have a “Magic-themed” sack dance for this season?

You know, I actually have tried thinking about that, but you don’t really do much in Magic besides playing cards and shuffling the deck. You don’t do too much besides sitting at the table. I don’t really have anything Magic-themed, but I love the game. I love to promote the game and tell people about it.

Have you convinced any of the other guys to play with you?

I think we have a young offensive lineman that we drafted in the late rounds [maybe, Justin Senior?] who I hear played back in his younger days. He’s going to get back into it.

Before practices and games, do you have any music you like to listen to warm up?

Nothing specific. It’s just whatever I am into at that point in time. Last year it was something. This year is something different. Whatever gets my vibe going. Maybe some old school R&B. Trap music. Just switch it all up.

What’s something that fans don’t know about you that you like doing and want to tell them about it?

Uhhh... I watch a lot of Anime.

Do you have a specific show you like?

One of my favorite shows currently is Hero Academy. Dragon Ball Z is obviously the most classic. They have a new series called Dragon Ball Super that is out that I like a lot. I watch a lot of Anime. I can f***ing name off 20 shows right now.

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