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Kenneth Arthur

Now is the time for C.J. Prosise

Tie Fighters: Seahawks, Cardinals proved to be two of the toughest teams in the NFL

This is an especially bad year for the NFL Top 100

Featured Fanshot

10 "reasonable" overreactions from Sunday

Should Seahawks fans be worried? Should Mariota have gone over Winston?

The increasingly quick decisions of Russell Wilson

I just want to be the first person to use the headline “NFC Westworld”

3 unpopular opinions about the Seahawks

Seahawks and Raiders are near-polar opposites this season but not in the way you would expect

12 reasons I’m not worried about the Seahawks

The last time the Seahawks played the Dolphins, Pete Carroll started winning

Seahawks bubble watch: Secondary farm

A look at which defensive backs could be back

Get ready for some Prosighlights

This guy is gonna be good.

Doug Baldwin's not the only one who needs a deal

These 7 other Seahawks also have contract situations looming.

Is Michael Bennett being paid unfairly?

And to what degree?

Featured Fanshot

Season 7 of The League now on Netflix

The FXX show, created by Seahawks fan and Field Gulls super fan Jeff Schaffer alongside his wife Jackie, just dropped it's seventh and final season on Netflix. Watch the whole series but especially watch this episode that I helped write along with Jeff.

Potential Russell milestones ahead

Here we go.

Get a load of: Marques Colston

The Seahawks need a receiver and Colston needs a home, but does the match make sense?

Kenneth's Top 10 movies of 2015

With The Oscars almost here, it's my last chance to tell you what I really enjoyed at the movies (my laptop) last year.

Seahawks contract decisions ranked: Part II

You've seen the worst, now see the first.

Seahawks contract decisions, ranked: Part I

Let's do this.

You are the weakest schedule

And why that matters.

Cam will struggle (even if they win)

I'm just going with the numbers, people.

Appetizers for destruction

These numbers sure ain't pedestrian.

The best it's ever been done before

You think the Seahawks have been pretty good since 2012? You have no idea.

Who's the best playoff matchup?

Aaron Rodgers is struggling, Kirk Cousins is on fire, and Adrian Peterson can go all day. So that makes the choice simple, right? I don't think so, so I spoke to myself to find out more answers.

Lookaround: The NFC Playoff Picture

The real playoffs start ... in about four weeks!

Russell Wilson continues march through history

It's taken a long time for people to recognize that Wilson is doing it like it's never been done before, but it's still not enough.

Who's da real MVP?

You can call him undrafted, I'll call him undeniable. For MVP awards, that is.

There you are, Wilson

Nine games into the season, Russell wasn't looking so hot. 11 games into the season, everything seems just fine.

The Dynasties that Weren't

They were some of the greatest teams of all-time, so why couldn't they build upon that success in the years that immediately followed?

8 reasons that the Seahawks win their next 8 games

Yes, really.

49ers are 1/3rd the team they used to be

And why the Seahawks are partially responsible for this fiasco.

The Lookaround

Gonna be a three-way dogfight in the NFC West.

Seahawks in Splitsville

How often are they throwing it, running it, and what happened to Thomas Rawls?

12 Silver Linings to that stupid, stupid loss

But here are 12 more silver linings from the game on Sunday that I also think are pretty valuable.

The All-Former-Seahawks Team

The Seahawks have a pretty good team but even if you only looked at their former players around the NFL and put them on a team, they might be decent.