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unPower Rankings, Week 8: Word association

The Seahawks have been 31 or 32 in the unPower Rankings for a very long time. That time has finally ended.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

This past week in the NFL, more and more teams started to seem like they weren't as good as we thought they were. Even if we thought they were bad, maybe they're worse. It almost seems like teams went 4-26 this week instead of 15-15. Did anyone win?

When you look around at teams like the 49ers and Bengals, words like "fraud" and "overrated" start to pop up. And yes, when you think about the Seahawks and their last two losses, "hardcrashbacktoearth" is another word (yeah, it's a word!) comes to mind.

As far as bouncing back and who will be around in January, I think the best thing to do is look around at quarterbacks and wonder which QBs can provide a comeback or turn a season around, and which ones can't. Maybe the Saints will come back. The Bucs probably won't.

Here's the Week 8 unPower Rankings with a little word association.

1. Oakland Raiders (0-6)

Last week: 3


2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-5)

Last week: 2

Lovie Schiano

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6)

Last week: 1


4. New York Jets (1-6)

Last week: 5

Dan Quinn(?)

5. Minnesota Vikings (2-5)

Last week: 6

Teddy Clausenwater

6. Washington Redskins (2-5)

Last week: 7

Colt McCoy is in the NFL?

7. St. Louis Rams (2-4)

Last week: 4


8. Tennessee Titans (2-5)

Last week: 8

Whitehurst Era

9. Atlanta Falcons (2-5)

Last week: 9

Smith/Ryan = One career playoff win

10. Chicago Bears (3-4)

Last week: 14

Cutler sucks (I went to the Bears game on Sunday, article linked)

11. New York Giants (3-4)

Last week: 15

I don't even care

12New Orleans Saints (2-4)

Last week: 16


13. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3)

Last week: 11

Still bad

14. Cleveland Browns (3-3)

Last Week: 17


15. Buffalo Bills (4-3)

Last week: 13


16. Miami Dolphins (3-3)

Last week: 10


17. Kansas City Chiefs (3-3)

Last week: 12

Weak league

18. Houston Texans (3-4)

Last week: 18

Really weak league

19. San Francisco 49ers (4-3)

Last week: 26


20. Detroit Lions (5-2)

Last week: 24

More like Bad-threw Laugh-Ford (like the car Ford in the Motor City and he's laughable without Calvin Johnson. This is word association at it's finest.)

21. Carolina Panthers (3-3-1)

Last week: 19

Shit division (My Joy Division / Nickelback mashup cover band)

22. Philadelphia Eagles (5-1)

Last week: 20

Under the radar

23. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2-1)

Last week: 27

More like Andy Fault-on

24. Seattle Seahawks (3-3)

Last week: 31


25. San Diego Chargers (5-2)

Last week: 29

Well, then...

26. Indianapolis Colts (5-2)

Last week: 23

Not just lucky

27. Arizona Cardinals (5-1)

Last week: 22


28. New England Patriots (5-2)

Last week: 25

Who mad now, bro?

29. Dallas Cowboys (6-1)

Last week: 28


30. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

Last week: 21


Last week: 30

(NFC) Favorites

32. Denver Broncos (5-1)

Last week: 32

(Super Bowl) Favorites