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Seahawks advanced stats, Week 14: Super sexy Seahawks stats

Get 'em while they're hot. (They're always hot)

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Hit it, Stevie.

It's midnight Friday as I post this week's advanced stats. Why? Because I procrastinated and am scrambling to write the article and have now created a gimmick of some sort to mask the lack of an Advanced Stats Update before Friday? Haha, no.

It's because the Seahawks stats have been so sexy lately. Especially on defense, as well as for Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the running game. It just so happens that Wilson had his own sexy encounter this week:

So it just seemed like a perfect marriage to listen to some Stevie while we got over the sexy numbers and prepare for a matchup against Mark Sanchez, who is probably going to be the general manager of the Playboy mansion's first professional football team.

Before we dive into it, let's talk about some season-long sexy stats:

- The Seahawks have rushed for at least 100 yards in 11 of 12 games (most in the NFL) and 200 yards four times (also the most.) They are of course first in rushing yards and yards per carry, third in rushing touchdowns.

- Seattle has had no turnovers in six of 12 games, tied for the second-most in the NFL after the Patriots total of seven. They have the second-fewest turnovers in the league.

- They have held teams to less than 100 yards seven times (and are 7-0 in those games), which is tied for seventh-most such games in the league, and held them to under 200 passing yards seven times, tied with the Chiefs for the most in the NFL. They are one of three teams to not allow more than 300 net passing yards in a game this season.

- The Seahawks have forced 13 turnovers over the last six games, tied for sixth-most in the league over that period of time. They have allowed 1,482 yards in the last six games, 245 fewer yards than any other team. It is almost 1,000 fewer yards allowed than the Saints.

- Finally, the most yards they've allowed in any game is 401 to the Dallas Cowboys. No other team's most-yards-allowed-in-a-game this season is that low.

Since that loss to the Cowboys, the team has completely locked down on opposing offenses and played the steady-and-slow game to near-perfection (relative to their personnel and injuries), including their loss to the Rams the following week when they outgained St. Louis 463 to 275.

Now comes the Eagles, a team that can absolutely beat Seattle this weekend in Philly, but despite being in a position to solidify themselves ahead of the Seahawks and several other NFC teams as the playoffs approach with a win, they are not a team that's dominating in a way that Seattle has been. Neither are very many other teams. It's been sexy as hell and Wilson's bringing the roses. Let's review.

Seahawks at 49ers Win Probability Chart (via Pro-Football-Reference)

Bake 'em away, toys.

It's been over a week since the Niners were cooked on Thanksgiving Day, and many of those memories are shrouded in red wine and tryptophan, but just a reminder: This one was in the bag almost from the beginning.

Following a short punt-off, Colin Kaepernick completed his second pass of the game: A strike to Richard Sherman at the 50-yard line. After missing his first pass attempt of the drive and falling well short of a first down on a three-yard pass to Tony Moeaki, Wilson was bailed out on a defensive holding to keep the drive alive. He turned that bail into an epic Niners fail, completing a 24-yarder to Doug Baldwin and then a 13-yard touchdown to Robert Turbin to make it 7-0.

At that point the Seahawks were now 70-percent to win and just kept chopping away at San Francisco's dying light of hope. By the time it was 16-0 in the third quarter, they were nearing 97-percent, on the road, in a must-win game, on four days rest. That's smokin' hot sexy.

I'm gonna now say something that I bet Jim Harbaugh was saying about the wide receiver named Johnson that they traded for in the offseason to improve the offense. I could really use some more Stevie.

Winners and Whiners (chart via Advanced Football Analytics)

If it weren't for Jesus Jesus Watts over in Houston, Richard Sherman would be making quite a case for Defensive Player of the Year right now. He's one of the top 10 "stars" of the NFL, he's on a winning team, and he's absolutely shutting wide receivers the duck down. (Duck in honor of the holiday season.)

According to PFF's count, Sherman was thrown at four times, allowing no receptions and two interceptions. That's 0-for-6 in the last two games. That's 2-for-9 for 18 yards in the last three games. That's 8-for-23 with three interceptions in the last five games, and 20 yards allowed per game, against the number one or two, sometimes number three receiver. When people (ignorantly) said that Sherman would have to put his mouth where his ass was after allowing a couple of first downs to Keenan Allen, the "exposed" one really started to flash his goods.

He's allowing a passer rating of 16.5 over his last seven games.

The said Dick was gettin' too close and changed the rules, but he overcame and brought it home.

DVOA Update (via Football Outsiders)

The Seahawks moved up on spot after their win over the 49ers. Only Seattle, Denver, and Baltimore boast top 10 offenses and defenses, though the Broncos have a much better offense and the Ravens have a much better special teams. I still don't see how any team is playing better than the Seahawks right now, but then again last week was an extreme emotional high.

I expanded the screenshot out to 16 just to show how many top-half teams Seattle has faced this year:

Chargers, Cowboys, 49ers, Chiefs, Packers, and Broncos. They are 3-3 against those teams and oddly, you'd think that if anything the three wins would be the three losses and vice versa but at the end of the day it's a bit of a wash. Now comes the seventh team on that schedule, the seventh-ranked Eagles.

Seattle has the 10th ranked pass defense, fifth ranked rush defense, 16th passing offense, and number one rushing offense. On special teams they are above average on kickoffs and field goals, below average on punting and kick returns, and completely average on punt returns.

The Cards, the number one seed in the NFC right now, are 18th and the Rams aren't far behind at 20.

Week 14 opponent - Philadelphia Eagles

Overall - 7 ; Offense - 15 ; Defense - 8 ; Special Teams - 1

The Eagles are having one of the best special teams seasons in history; Darren Sproles has returned two punts for touchdowns and they have returned two kickoffs for scores as well, one by Josh Huff and one by Chris Polk. They are allowing 9.4 yards on punt returns and 23.6 on kickoffs and rookie Cody Parkey has nailed 27-of-29 field goal attempts, four of which are 50 or more yards.

They are fifth in passing yards and sixth in rushing yards but that is almost completely offset by the fact that they have turned the ball over more than any other team in the NFL: 16 interceptions, 20 fumbles, 12 of which were recovered by the defense. The Eagles score on 38.1% of their offensive drives, 13th-highest percentage in the league. The Seahawks score on 43.4% of their drives, sixth-most.

Philly has 42 sacks though, second-most in the league. Seattle only has 20 sacks.

The Eagles are 6-0 at home this season.

Russell Wilson stats update

We need to bump up the mood and grind out these stats ...

In Week 13: 15-of-22, 236 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions, 10.73 Y/A, 118.7 passer rating, seven rushes for 35 yards

Wilson is now 4-2 in his career against the 49ers, including his first road win. He has eight touchdowns and four interceptions in those games, but over his last three games he's handled them pretty well.

This was his 23rd career regular season game with a passer rating of 100 or better, which is four more than any player has ever had in his first three seasons.. It was his eighth career game of at least 10 Y/A, which is tied with Dan Marino for eighth-most through three seasons. He would tie the record of 12 if he did it for the last four games.

With two more wins, Wilson will have the most wins a QB has ever had through three seasons. He is currently 32-12. Marino was 33-10 to open his career and Matt Ryan was 33-13.

In the season: 214-335, 63.9%, 2,466 yards, 15 touchdowns, five interceptions, 7.4 Y/A, 94.7 passer rating, 91 rushes for 679 yards and four touchdowns

Wilson has a little bit more to go to get to a passer rating of 100 or better, and if he does, he'd become the first QB in the NFL history to post a rating of 100 or better in each of his first three seasons.

He could have one more huge rushing game and that would be enough to put him over the mark of mostly-uncharted territory for rushing yards by a QB in one season.

Wilson has been one of the best home quarterbacks in NFL history to open his career, but look at his road numbers this year:

113-of-171, 66%, 1,329 yards, 10 touchdowns, one interception, 106.6 rating, 7.77 Y/A, 387 rushing yards.

Wilson has the second-best road passer rating in the NFL this season, behind Tony Romo.

In the career -

Wilson's 67 touchdown passes is seventh-most all-time through three seasons. He is seven behind Jeff Garcia for sixth. Incidentally, Andrew Luck now has 80 career touchdown passes.

Wilson's 98.9 passer rating is the second-best of all-time through three seasons, behind Kurt Warner.

Dating back to 2012, Wilson has the fourth-highest passer rating in the NFL (min. 500 attempts) behind Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees. His 7.88 Y/A is third-highest in that time. His 32 wins are third-most, after Manning and Tom Brady.

Man, I don't know WHAT I would do to these stats. Oh wait, yes I do ...