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Kenneth Arthur

A worthy tribute

This is not an article about the Kam Chancellor holdout; this is just a tribute.

Worst. Week. Ever.

Preseason: A closer look at the numbers

These stats really matter.

Ranking the NFL's expendable QBs

These guys weren't deemed necessary by their former teams. How do they stack up against each other?

Hard Knocks: Seahawks edition

Because we all know that this team would be amazing on television.

Is this the best team in franchise history?

(I know it's not just me.)

A Russell Wilson contract article

Because you've been asking for more and more talk about Wilson and his contract negotiations.

8 guys you didn't even know are on the Seahawks

This is a tribute to those brave men who have been slaving away for fame and glory, only to be left with nothing more than thousands of dollars to practice football.

16 facts about the schedule

And then some bonus facts too because I'm a generous person.

Featured Fanshot

Kristjan Sokoli interview: Rolling Stone

I interview the Seahawks newest o-line project for Rolling Stone.

5 biggest problems that Seattle faces this year

It's not all daisies and lollipops, even for the league's best.

The Russell Wilson contract timeline so far

Do the Seahawks need to show Russell Wilson their "owe" face?

Re-grading the 2015 NFL Draft

We knew how we felt back then, but how do those picks look today?

The Lookaround: NFC West draft picks

Todd Gurley could be great, but when is the last time a great running back helped a team win games on his own?

Grading the 49ers recent draft history

It's not so good.

Potential franchise turnarounds in the NFC

The Seahawks impressive turnaround from 2010-2012 had very little to do with high draft picks. They aren't alone there.

What if the Seahawks did have day one action?

I dreamed a dream that April 30 will actually mean something to the Seattle Seahawks.

What will the Seahawks do with all those picks?

Let's take an educated wild speculation.

Trading up is a good way to look stupid

Trading up is a case example of stupidity repeating itself.

The Streak

How much have you changed in the last three-and-a-half years?

The recap that wasn't

An alternate universe where Seattle doesn't lose the Super Bowl on the final play. Instead, they don't advance to the Super Bowl at all!

There is more to sports than just one game

It may be hard to get over that one play, but the focus always remains on winning the next one.

Seahawks taking another holiday from 1st round

When it comes to the draft, Seattle would rather plead the 5th

The Lookaround: 49 problems

They had a good run, but San Francisco has had enough.

Jermaine Kearse joins the ranks of the overpaid

That was a little too costly.

Cap casually

Seattle could save some serious coin by releasing these dudes. Or not. Like, we don't have to. Either way.

Max Caproom

Unlike his last name, this might not end 'well.'

An exercise in futility

The scouting combine is certainly a thing that exists.

10 wide receivers the Seahawks could "Target"

The Seahawks need to add a wide receiver but they don't have to drink from the top shelf to get sloppy drunk with powerful madness.

The art of football

"What even is a football season?" - Bronko Nanietzsche

Richard Sherman is not overrated

Through 71 games, Sherman has had very few missteps.

Tom Brady excels versus great pass defenses

While Seattle has knocked down "the greats" one-by-one in recent postseason matchups, Brady seems to get better against better defenses.

Pete Carroll said he would do this

Carroll set high expectations from the word "Go" and beyond probabilities, is one win away from blowing those expectations out of the salty Puget Sound water.

The improbable 8:30

So many things needed to go right for Seattle to pull off the greatest playoff comeback in franchise history. Here is a list of those things.

Russell Wilson's big day and more

Russell Wilson was great, Tharold Simon was in trouble, and Kam Chancellor is the best player of all-time.

Fail Mary doesn't matter anymore


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