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Kicker Consideration

Michael Dickson’s midterm punting grades

Measuring Michael Dickson using Expected Points

Kicker Consideration: Diagnosing drop kicks

Are Michael Dickson drop kickoffs a good idea?

Blocking not doing Janikowski any favors on missed FGs

Sifting through potential replacements for Sebastian Janikowski

A way too early look at replacing Sebastian Janikowski

Every Michael Dickson punt against the Broncos

The frequency of foot-forced fumbles

Are Michael Dickson punts fumbled at a noticeably higher rate?

Kicker Consideration: Bad finish for Seabass

Preseason is done, all the kicks matter more now

Michael Dickson: MVPunter

Michael Dickson wows nation

Why hang time matters

Hang time can make a big difference for punters.

A treatise on the punter’s contributions to the defense

Kicker Consideration: Battle for Seahawks punting duties gets underway

Rookie punting sensation Michael Dickson takes on beloved veteran Jon Ryan

Punting to win

Using ball placement to better isolate the effect of punters on team performance

Seahawks special teams in review: Blair Walsh and Jon Ryan

The likely end of an era.

How the forgotten unit of football could alter the NFC playoff picture

How special teams could make the difference for Seahawks playoff hopes

Did Blair Walsh at least just get better by comparison?

Randomness happens

Betting against NFL kickers is a losing game

Factoring weather and situational conditions as well as distance makes it more difficult than you may think to guess when a kick will miss

Kicker Consideration, Week 15: Oops

You’re a mean one, mister McVay

Sorry, Blair Walsh is the only option

Kicker Consideration, Week 13: Punting Jon Ryan’s cap hit into the distance

Kicker Consideration, Week 12: How will the Seahawks move on from Blair Walsh?

Seahawks remain committed to Blair Walsh. A look ahead to 2018.

Seahawks kicking consideration: Special teams takes centerstage for the wrong reasons

A fake and a miss, a six point swing makes all the difference

Seahawks Kicker Consideration, Week 10: Does icing the kicker actually work?

Does icing the kicker work?

Kicker Consideration: What went wrong with Blair Walsh on Sunday

Blair Walsh misses

Seahawks Kicker Consideration, Week 8: A classic that thankfully didn’t ask for too much from the kickers

An instant classic in Seattle

Kicker Consideration, Week 7: Should the Seahawks kick from 55+ yards?

Fewer punts, more points. A win in NY.

Kicker Consideration, Week 5: Blair Walsh continues to look like a sound investment

Seahawks Kicker Consideration, Week 4: A slice, a safety, and a win

Kicker Consideration, Week 3: Blair Walsh is a PAT machine, Jon Ryan a punt leader

Kicker Consideration, Week 2: Blair Walsh shanks a PAT, Jon Ryan continues to work too much

Kicker Consideration: Blair Walsh’s first game with the Seahawks

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