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Darrell Bevell gets new contract, sticks with Seahawks

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The Seahawks gave Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell a raise, and he withdrew his name from the running in Arizona.


The Seahawks offered Darrell Bevell a raise and a new contract to stay in Seattle, reports John Clayton, and Bevell withdrew his name from the running for the head coaching position in Arizona, which went to Bruce Arians. Bevell had recently interviewed with the Bears, and it was rumored he was a candidate for the Jaguars' job that went to Gus Bradley as well, but ultimately decided to stay with the Seahawks.

One thing that Bevell said during the interview process in Arizona, - "I truly believe so goes the quarterback, so goes the team" - led me to believe he might be back in Seattle, and the opportunity to work with an up-and-coming quarterback like Russell Wilson doesn't come around all too often. Realistically, the chance to coordinate the Seahawks' offense might be a better career decision long-term than taking the reins in Arizona, where the quarterback position has been a disaster for the past couple of seasons. So goes the quarterback, so goes the team, and I do think that Bevell will get a chance to be a head coach down the line, but for now he remains with the Hawks, a team with a talented young player in Wilson.

Continuity is important, and for that reason, I'm more relieved than I thought I would be that Bevell will stay with the team. When you look at the stunted development of Alex Smith, who famously went through six offensive coordinators in his first six years, and look at Sam Bradford, who has worked under three coordinators in three seasons, it makes sense as to why the Hawks wanted to retain Bevell. There are tons of other examples a discord created when a new coordinator comes to a team as well - Todd Haley in Pittsburgh this season in one example that comes to mind - but I think the fact that personalities seem to mesh well, the language and terminology will remain the same, and Russell and Darrell can get to work immediately, all gives Seattle an advantage.

Apart from the continuity factor though, I do think that Bevell did a good job this season, for the most part, coming up with game-plans each week and tweaking and innovating with the offense as the year went on and the lid came off. His play-calling was more creative and effective as the year went on as well, and it obviously helps when you have a quarterback that can execute the designs of the play.

Bevell incorporated the read-option and pistol formations into the normal zone-blocking schemes, and managed to keep the looks multiple to keep defenses guessing. He steadfastly and methodically called plays that focused on Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, and Marshawn Lynch, looking to lessen the burden on Wilson early as we all waited for the game to slow down for the rookie. I think this focus on getting the ball to Seattle's top playmakers was key, and as obvious of a plan as it might be, many coordinators fail at this one little idea. Of course, it helps to have the talent at QB, but I do think that Bevell's play-calling and tactics, particularly later in the year, were commendable. This is a big part of why he was such a hot name on the Head Coaching market.