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Seahawks re-sign Michael Robinson, tweets Chris Clemons; Richardo Lockette tweets he's back with Seattle

Al Bello

The Seahawks have re-signed veteran fullback Michael Robinson, first 'reported via a tweet by teammate Chris Clemons.

UPDATE: Spencer Ware has been placed on the IR to free up a rosters spot.

The team hasn't officially announced the move quite yet, but Robinson was at VMAC today getting a physical and I'm assuming that was just a technicality to make sure he's back up to full-health. From what I've heard through the grapevine, Robinson has been back up to weight and back in shape for some time now after falling very ill during training camp and losing a good amount of weight, due to what Rob noted was an adverse reaction to some prescription medicine.

Regardless, the move makes tons of sense for the Hawks, who have had injury issues at the position. Robinson is a highly respected leader in the locker room by all accounts, is a key special teams contributor, and obviously, was named to the Pro Bowl as a fullback so he'll retain lead blocking duties for Marshawn Lynch when the Hawks go with two backs.

It's likely that the corresponding move will be to place Derrick Coleman on the injured reserve (or possibly Spencer Ware). CONFIRMED: It's Ware.

Coleman pulled up on a bootleg reception, grasping his hamstring, in Thursday's game and didn't return. Just based on how it looked on tape, the injury looked painful. The other backup fullback, Spencer Ware, has been out several weeks with a high-ankle sprain and just recently was able to take off the boot. After Coleman went out on Thursday, Seattle turned to Zach Miller and Luke Willson for fullback duties when running out of the I-formation.

I was fine at the time with the decision to release Robinson in favor of the much cheaper Derrick Coleman, and frankly, I've thought that Coleman has played well thus far this year, but it'll be nice to have the well-respected veteran back on the field and I'm sure there will be a nice feeling of familiarity with Marshawn Lynch. It'll be interesting to see if Seattle runs more lead stuff with Robinson than they were with Coleman, who through six weeks had only seen 26% of the Seahawks' offensive snaps. Mike Rob's total was around 33% last year.


In other news, WR Ricardo Lockette tweeted that he's back with the team. I haven't seen whether that means he's headed to the practice squad or the active roster, but I'd wager it's the former. Lockette has been with the Bears on their practice squad since being waived by the Niners in late August. He was released this week (h/t to Coach Owens).