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Marshawn Lynch to be featured on ESPN's E:60 Tuesday night

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Marshawn Lynch is set to be featured on ESPN's E:60, which should be a must-watch program. Per a press release by ESPN:

ESPN's award-winning newsmagazine program E:60 goes inside the life of hard-nosed Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch in the episode airing Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

They call him "Beast Mode" because with the ball in his hands, Lynch is ferocious, determined, and close to unstoppable. Those traits have helped earn him two trips to the Pro Bowl and made him a crucial part of the Seahawks' rise to the top of the NFC. But they have also contributed to a less than stellar reputation off the field.

The Oakland native, who has had his run-ins with the law and been suspended by the league for violating the personal conduct policy, has been branded by many a thug. It is a label Lynch refuses to accept quietly. In a rare and exclusive interview, the usually guarded Lynch addresses the perceptions of him head-on, telling reporter Jeffri Chadihah how his youth on the violent and crime-ridden streets of Oakland shaped him. Lynch gives cameras a rare glimpse of his life away from the game and opens up about his devotion to the city that raised him, his family, and what it is like to play in Seattle.

The feature airs one night after the Seahawks meet the St. Louis Rams on ESPN's Monday Night Football on Monday, Oct. 28.

Selected quotes from the Lynch feature:

MARSHAWN LYNCH -- I'll be damned if somebody from Oakland say Marshawn don't come back and be in his community because that would be a lie for sure.

How did you deal with that perception?

Me being a thug? Well, I would like to see them grow up in project housing authority being racially profiled growing up, sometimes not even having nothing to eat. Sometimes having to wear the same damn clothes to school for a whole week and then all of a sudden a big ass change in they life like their dream comes true to the point where starting their career at 20 years old when they still don't know (stuff)... I would like to see some of the mistakes that they would make.

Growing up, where I'm from, a lot of people don't see the light. I didn't see the light in that play. Run forward, ran into some trouble... being on food stamps, living in the projects... running head first into two linebackers... start to play football, things opened up for me a little bit... breaking a couple more tackles... going to jail, getting in trouble, coming out of that... touchdown... I guess you could say that run is symbolic of my life...

What does it mean when you go into Beast Mode?

I don't know. I don't know how to go into Beast Mode. It, that's that's not something you you go into. You find out what's in you and it just come out.