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Tom Cable on Detroit Lions' list for vacant head coach job; Darrell Bevell draws interest from Redskins

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE Wednesday 7:25PM:

So.... well. Nevermind, about the stuff below about Tom Cable.


Seahawks Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach Tom Cable is reportedly drawing interest from the Detroit Lions for their now-vacant Head Coach position. Cable has previous head coaching experience at the college level and in the pros. He was the head coach at Idaho from 2000-2003 and in Oakland from 2008-2010.

Cable helped to transform Seattle's bottom of the barrel rush offense to one of the top-rated units in the NFL over the past two years. Cable has taught his players the nuances of Pete Carroll's zone blocking game and the statistics back up his reputation as a guru in the system. The Hawks finished fourth in total rushing in 2013 after finishing third in 2012.

A situation to monitor. It will be interesting to see if Cable is interested in taking on a Head Coach position after some of the drama that went down in Oakland. My hope is that he's happy in his current position as a position coach, but we shall see.

Cable is the third Seattle assistant to draw interest from teams that have fired their head coaches. Darrell Bevell and Dan Quinn are on Minnesota's short list, Quinn in on Cleveland's, and it came out today that Redskins wish to interview Bevell for their now-vacant head coach job.

Seahawks HC Pete Carroll is an advocate for his staff and will always support them if they find better opportunities, but Carroll did say on Monday that he will encourage his coaches to interview this week so they can really focus on the Playoffs next week.