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Russell Okung Injury: Seahawks LT gets good news on foot injury, headed to short-term IR

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks LT Russell Okung traveled to North Carolina this week to seek a second opinion on his injured toe from foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson, and apparently received good news, Chris Mortensen of reports. As opposed to missing the rest of the season, as some had feared, it's now looking likely that Okung, a 2012 Pro Bowler that started 15 games, will be placed on Injured Reserve with a "designated for return" label.

UPDATE: Pete Carroll has indeed confirmed that Okung will be placed on the Injured Reserve with "Designated for Return" label.

This means that Okung can begin practicing again after six weeks and can return to the field after eight. Normally, an IR-desination would mean that Okung would miss the entire year. Teams are afforded one spot on the "designated for return" Injured Reserve list, and it is now looking like a good decision by the Seahawks to not use that spot on Percy Harvin.

In Okung's place, expect to see Paul McQuistan get the start this week, but I'm also wondering how much time Alvin Bailey and/or Michael Bowie will get at that spot. Tom Cable has shown a predilection for platooning at certain spots when injuries crop up because it gets players on your unit valuable time 'in the line of fire'. Make no mistake, it's best for continuity if you just pick five and play those five, but with the frequency of injuries at that positional group, it does make me feel better having Seattle's depth players get live-game reps. Better now to throw them in the fire than to hope for no injuries late in the year, late in a game, or during the playoffs.