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Marshawn Lynch reports to training camp after Seahawks rework his deal

Kevin C. Cox

Marshawn Lynch has reported to Seahawks training, as first reported by Adam Schefter and Adam Caplan.

UPDATE: Lynch decided to end his hold out after the Seahawks agreed to restructure some of the bonuses in his current deal.

As Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio first reported,

Under Lynch's previous contract, he was due to make a $5 million base salary this year, plus $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses, and he could have earned another $500,000 in incentives if he had rushed for 1,500 yards. Now Lynch gets a base salary of $6 million (meaning the Seahawks effectively guaranteed the $1 million he previously would have had to earn), plus they're taking $500,000 that he had been scheduled to get paid in 2015 and giving it to him now instead. In all, Lynch will make $6.5 million this year.

Essentially, the Hawks guarantee Lynch's bonus money for this season and salary escalators (so he doesn't have to worry about missing games and/or not making it to 1,500 yards) for this season, plus gave him his 2015 roster bonus up front. Lynch should be relatively happy with this outcome and the Seahawks should likely gain some goodwill and trust from their players by compromising.

It's still unclear if the Seahawks will waive his fines, which have piled up to fairly absurd numbers -- $30,000 per day (ended at either six or seven days, I believe), though reportedly they're willing to stay away from the 15% of his already-paid signing bonus (which is prorated into the cap each year).

As Bob Condotta wrote yesterday, "all such fines are at the discretion of the team, and usually become part of negotiations - the team can reduce or waive them, for instance, in exchange for the player dropping his holdout."

Either way, celebrate, your star running back is has reported.