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Jesse Williams expected to require knee surgery, per report


Lost in the hoopla around Marshawn Lynch's impending return to Seahawks training camp, Danny O'Neil is reporting that Jesse Williams is expected to require surgery on a knee that he injured yesterday. This comes as a huge blow to Williams, who spent the last year rehabbing his knee down in Australia after it proved too painful to play on last season.

Williams had surgery on his knee prior to the draft but was still able to run and conduct his pro day. The Hawks took a flier on him despite the major concerns about the injury history there that led him to drop into the fifth round, but it's now looking grim that Williams will ever contribute. This would of course be a major bummer, and your heart goes out to the guy that lost 20-something pounds during the offseason to take some pressure off of his knees and get quicker.

Nothing is official, but from this report it does sound unlikely that he'll play this season. That said, perhaps it's minor enough that he'll have time to get back out there. We'll find out soon enough.

This does open the door (or widen it, really) for guys like Jordan Hill, Greg Scruggs, Jimmy Staten, Michael Brooks, and D'Anthony Smith in the competition along the interior line. S