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Football Fantasy! Liberating John DeFilippo from Philadelphia

The six degrees and many miles (and yards) separating Drew Brees and Case Keenum, Le’Veon Bell’s future in Pittsburgh, plus the dogged rooftops of deepest Tennessee

Football Fantasy! Wild Card weekend and NFL standings in the upside down

Old Man McCoy, Baby Marshon, Chiefs and Titans running wild in Kansas City and the cruelty of being the Chargers

Don’t ever let the Seahawks get you down

Football Fantasy! Finding the Seahawks’ best playoff matchup

A fresh position on the MVP debate, considering who the Seahawks could face in the playoffs and the NFL’s bad habit of scheduling divisional games last

Football Fantasy! How to turn Bill Belichick into Godzilla

Kurt Warner has no loyalty, Buddy Ryan’s famous New Year’s punch, and the Ravens’ awkward run-ins with their football exes

Football Fantasy! The Broncos’ toxic promiscuity & (not) grieving Carson Wentz

Being honest about Carson Wentz’s injury, the Chargers and Chiefs and the 1,001 Nights of the AFC West plus Teddy Bridgewater’s knocking on the door

Football Fantasy! The Rams aren’t as good as you think

The 49ers and Redskins chase costly quarterback mistakes, Blaine Gabbert tries to save his coach’s job, and the CB brotherhood radios in the last stand for two midwestern coaches in NFL week 14

Football Fantasy! Jimmy Garoppolo spins his pinwheel in week 13

The folly of picking favorites to cover large spreads, drunk Chuck Pagano and the Little Brother Bowl

Football Fantasy! Jermaine Kearse’s Panthers tryout and ectoplasmic Eddie Goldman

Blaine Gabbert’s revenge, extraterrestrial impact in Pittsburgh and Chuck Pagano on the hot seat for the fifth straight year in NFL week 12. Let’s eat!

Football Fantasy! John Ross feuds with Marvin Lewis

Why the Rams-Vikings matchup has got me jazzily aroused, what happened to Tyrod Taylor, and enter Dak Prescott to rescue the Seahawks hopes for a playoff bye

Football Fantasy! Bills need to sack Drew Brees in week 10

Jermaine Kearse pilots the air raid, Kirk Cousins needs to settle down, Cleveland to Detroit by boat and more pro football fables with less than half the season left

The Cardinals’ defense is now as average as it gets

And Robert Nkemdiche still sucks

Football Fantasy! Jermaine Kearse can double career totals against Falcons

The Viking invasion of the Browns in England, why the Patriots will have to concentrate their run game against the Chargers, Andy Reid in a beauty contest and other midseason NFL storylines

4-2 starts have been historically good to Seahawks

Seattle has reached 4-2 10 times in the past 42 years, with eight playoff appearances in those seasons

Football Fantasy! NFL parity problem greatly exaggerated

The Bad News Bears’ good fumble fortune, Packers with their head cut off, Carson Wentz continues to hoodwink America and the Oakland coaching staff deserves Derek Carr

Football Fantasy! Kearse-ryptonite versus the Patriots

Jalen Ramsey and the jubilant Jags, something brewing in Big Blue, Beast Mode’s Bump City breakout plus the Browns can’t catch a break

Football Fantasy! Aaron Rodgers versus Dave Krieg in NFL week 5

Eli Manning plays quick toss behind the Rivers family dam, Frank Gore’s role in the NFL-AFL merger, Todd Haley’s bacon ranch rat attack and Bruce Arians and Carson Wentz reunite the Star Child

The 2013 Seahawks battled low offensive outputs and still reached championship form

If you look at first-half offense, and scoring, and passing, and sacks and three-and-outs, the team that won Super Bowl XLVIII didn’t do any better than the 2017 group has through four games

Football Fantasy! Kelechi Osemele sits on a man and other Week 4 protest news

Trying to get ahead of the latest demonstrations, the Bears’ stand up for themselves in Lambeau, Matthew Stafford as a disheartened politician and Ben Roethlisberger spends another tormented night

Football Fantasy! The “Kearse” of Chop Chop in week 3

Carson Wentz’s big volume numbers are a mirage, Fat Rob Kelley’s extra layer of protection, Bill O’Brien’s big mistake and Cooper Kupp comes out of the cupboard

The 2017 Seahawks are built for the future so let’s stop comparing them to 2013

Measuring recent playoff exits or the current crop of young players against the championship group of years past misses the excellent squad competing for a Super Bowl this year

Annual FG prediction contest: Could you be our next Hawkstradamus?

All you have to do is predict the future instead of the past

It’s okay to cheer for Marshawn Lynch’s Raiders

Justin Bieber and Beast Mode both challenge conventional wisdom about sports allegiance

If Chris Carson becomes another Thomas Rawls, what will that make Rawls?

Listening to the third-year running back speak tells how he has developed a leadership role that means more in the Seattle locker room than a grip on a roster spot or a place in the starting lineup

Frank Clark is poised to become a superstar in 2017. Let’s talk about it.

The football field may be a place for relieving moral anxiety, but it can’t be a venue that resolves matters of right or wrong

Stats breakdown: In rap lyrics, Marshawn Lynch is way bigger than the Seahawks

Data analysis of hip hop music over time shows, with his Beast Mode identity, few athletic figures have gained as much cultural influence as the Oakland Raiders running back

Amid hectic offseason, Seahawks back together for OTAs

For all the contention and drama that is the hallmark of this franchise, very little changed in the Seattle football downtime

What if Pete Carroll’s critics were right?

With a group of maturing veterans, the Seattle Seahawks coach faces the toughest challenge of his career in pro football, and you can’t say you didn’t see it coming

Marshawn’s Seahawks meeting: Another one-act play

The surprising (and lucrative) secret behind the retired star’s desire to return to football

Has the Seahawks’ magic disappeared?

The supernatural or superstitious forces that gave Seattle an extra edge for so long appear in short supply lately, but will they ever come back?

Richard Sherman should be able to say what he wants

Muhammad Ali, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman’s brief beef with Jim Moore

Enter the Rams II: Divisional football is boring

If the NFL on Thursday can’t swing better than average football it could at least offer exotic average football

Color Rush: A rad idea badly executed

The Rams wear white against the Seahawks, and other ways Nike and the league failed to visually juice up its Thursday games

Mexican street artist paints eerie enormous Seahawks helmet

The sculpture is part of the NFL’s promotion of Monday Night Football in Mexico City

Enter the Saints: Split Jimmy Graham wide again

A prescription for getting the Seahawks running game on track, and a spooky prediction

Enter the Cardinals: The evening redness in the West

The Seahawks can take advantage of Arizona’s run defense, and get to Carson Palmer


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