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Living up to the tagline "Seattle is Faster"


I was perusing some YouTube the other day and ran across these familiar videos - if you'll remember, they were some Nike promotional ads that I think were used in the run-up to the MNF debacle matchup with Green Bay (though I could be misremembering that), and aired prior to and during the pre-game build-up. I remember thinking at the time that pretty much everything about these videos was awesome, except for the goofy Nike catch-phrase 'Seattle is Faster'. For me, it was one of those silly little marketing taglines like Adidas' awful old 'Impossible is Nothing' nonsense-phrase but I was pretty willing to overlook it because this time-lapse-crescendo-tracked HD promo for Seattle and the Hawks was/is goosebump inducing. And frickin' sweet.

Anyway, it dawned on me that while last year's 'Seattle is Faster' tagline was pretty lame (particularly because it was supposed to be in reference, I guess, to better technology in the Nike uniforms), it really, really works well this year, because of the additions of Percy Harvin, Cliff Avril, Christine Michael, Chris Harper, Luke Willson, and hopefully the possible development and bigger roles from Robert Turbin, Malcolm Smith, Jeremy Lane, Bruce Irvin, etc and so forth.

Seattle has beefed up their 'explosive' element by bringing in elite athletes, as Davis has broken down (and will further expand on) in his SPARQ-rating series, and while a couple of years ago there was no way you could say the Seahawks were a 'high-octane, explosive' team, with the additions the last few months, I really do think that this year, as Nike would put it, 'Seattle is Faster.' A lot faster, actually. Which is pretty damn interesting both from a schematics, 'what can we do with this newly acquired speed element?' to a pure fan, 'god damn this is fun to watch!' point of view.

Click 1080p for most viewing enjoyment.