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Which Jaguars player would you steal for the Seahawks?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

As part of the run-up to the Seahawks-Jaguars game, Big Cat Country and Field Gulls will be doing a little cross-blog collaboration, including posts on which player we'd steal from the other team, what our biggest concern will be going into the game, and of course, a trusty 5 Questions "know your enemy" post for good measure.

First up - which player on the Jaguars would you take for the Seahawks if you had the chance? For my money, I think I would go with RT Luke Joeckel.

It's an exercise in rosterbation, sure, because this will never happen, but just for fun, and only in this thread, I'll allow it. I thought about grabbing one of their tight ends, or possibly Jonathan Cyrprien as a much-needed third-safety, but Joeckel seems to be the prototypical type of linemen that would fit in at right tackle for the Hawks.

At 6'6, 305, and possessing elite athleticism, 34 1/4" arms and 10 1/4" mitts, Joeckel would likely have the ability to quickly adapt to Seattle's zone blocking scheme with ease. He played on the left at Texas A&M the past several seasons while lead-blocked for Christine Michael (when Michael was not in the doghouse) but his movement skills, length, and toughness make him suited on the right side for Seattle's scheme. In a pinch, much like the Seahawks are facing right now with Russell Okung's injury, Joeckel could flip to the left side and protect Russell Wilson's blind side.

After pass protecting for another very mobile quarterback in Johnny Manziel last season, he'd have a leg up on getting used to blocking on the move once the play breaks down.

At this point, Joeckel is still a work in progress and is still raw, but if I had the opportunity to steal one player from Gus Bradley, he might be the guy.

Who would you take?

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