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What Jaguars player is the Seahawks' biggest concern?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The most obvious weakness for the Seahawks heading into Week 3's matchup with the Jaguars will be at left tackle. Backup Paul McQuistan should be better off with a week of practice and reps getting down some of the 'more nuanced' protections that Seattle runs, as Pete Carroll put it in a press conference this week, but the fact of the matter is that Seattle will be without their Pro Bowl left tackle in Russell Okung.

From what I understand, Jason Babin has moved into the role of Gus Bradley's starting LEO and McQuistan will have his hands full with the veteran pass rusher. If it's not Babin, he'll have to deal with any number of Jacksonville's young pass rushers. Either way, Carroll has said that they will do nothing different in terms of protection this week compared to how they normally run their offense with Okung on the blindside, but coaches say a lot of things, and it wouldn't surprise me to see a few strategies implemented to make up for the deficiency at left tackle.

Running play-action bootlegs and half-rollouts, sprint-outs, and implementing moving pockets running toward the right are a couple of ways that Seattle can mitigate any potential issues they have with McQuistan lined up at left tackle. Getting Wilson outside of the pocket and rolling to the right will theoretically take Babin and some of the Jags' other pass rushers out of the play almost immediately.

In terms of the run game, Seattle can do a number of things. First off, they can run to the right more often than not, allowing McQuistan to simply cut block on the backside, or downblock with McQuistan, using Zach Miller to slice across the formation and pick up Babin. The Hawks can run a little read-option, reading Babin while leaving him unblocked, and effectively taking him out of the play with an impossible decision to make.

Rookie guard/tackles in Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie are likely to get some snaps at left tackle this week as well - their baptism by fire - and these are some of the methods Seattle can use to ease them in as well. Regardless, it should be interesting to see how Seattle handles that situation.

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