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NFL Combine invite list released; 333 players make the cut

The NFL Combine takes place February 20-26.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL has released the official invite list for the upcoming Combine, and a nice neat number of 333 players have been invited.

This group includes 16 quarterbacks, 38 running backs, 39 wide receivers, 19 tight ends, 58 offensive linemen, 54 defensive linemen, 35 linebackers, 60 defensive backs, and 14 specialists.

It's a very interesting group, of course, and I cannot wait to start digging into the different positional groups. Workouts are broken out position by position, starting with special teams players, tight ends and offensive linemen on Saturday, Feb. 23, followed on Sunday, Feb. 24 by quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs, then moving to defensive linemen and linebackers on Monday, Feb. 25, and wrapping up with defensive backs on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

All of this, of course, will be televised on NFL network, and we'll be breaking down the different tests and results as they come in.

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