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Senior Bowl Director, former NFL Personnel exec Phil Savage on player pro days

Phil Savage is a former GM of the Cleveland Browns, was Director of Player Personnel under Ozzie Newsome at the Baltimore Ravens, and is a former NFL Scout, so I find it fascinating to hear his thoughts on players and the behind the scenes stuff that goes on during Draft time. He got out of the NFL Personnel game because he had a newborn that he wanted to be more attentive to, and is currently the Director of the Senior Bowl. By pretty much all accounts, Savage has markedly improved all aspects of Senior Bowl Week.

He has a blog here -- -- and it's worth a look.

Above, Savage talks about Pro Days. The main thing here that I found interesting is that these pro days do tend to act as a recruitment tool for teams, with regards to players that are likely to go undrafted. Seattle has been to almost all of the small school pro days, which goes in line with what we've perceived to be a dedication to very deep scouting by the Seahawks. At these pro days, Seattle can establish a relationship with players, and that rapport can help when Day Three is over, and teams are scrambling to sign UDFAs.

Relatedly, Seattle uses many of their allotted VMAC visits pre-draft on late-round and UDFA types because it acts as a good tool to recruit players that, though they've gone undrafted, do have the advantage of choosing from several teams.