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NFL Draft 2013 Seahawks Sleepers: NT Omar Hunter, Florida

The "Seahawks Sleepers" series is a flurry of quick scouting reports on some players that I've identified as potential targets for Seattle. My goal with this series is to highlight a few players that John Schneider, Pete Carroll and their scouting team might be interested in, and to give a brief synopsis as to why. For the most part, I'm high on the guys that I'll be pointing out - and I'll be monitoring them during the Draft and in Rookie Free Agency. Also, for the most part, these are mid- to later-round prospects because let's be honest, you're probably sick of reading about first- and second-round type guys.

NT Omar Hunter, Florida - 6'1, 318

Hunter is extremely rotund and played with nice power at the nose tackle position for Florida's #1 ranked defense in 2012. He showed the ability to penetrate at times but mostly he looked pretty good while taking on double teams up front. I'm not particularly high on Hunter and he's a late-round to UDFA type of prospect anyway, but the Dan Quinn connection to Florida, combined with an old Pete Carroll description of the NT position made me think Hunter might be an option.

Here's how Pete described the NT, from way back when Carroll was still at USC:

"The nose tackle plays in the A gap to the tight end side of the field in our defense. We have done a number of things with this position based upon the opposition at times. We have put him right in the A gap, we have cocked him on the center at times, and as needed we have even played him in a direct shade technique right over the center at times. The way we play him on base defense is as an inside-foot to outside-foot alignment or a 1 technique on the center to the strong side of the alignment."

"At Nose Tackle you have to find a player who likes to mix it up. We want a big guy in there who likes to get down and dirty. He is going to get doubled a lot on the run and pass and is going to get down blocked a lot. He has to be a tough player. This guy can be a short and stubby type of player."

This description just screams Brandon Mebane to me, but if you're looking for a value UDFA that might be able to play that role, Hunter might be one to watch. The Seahawks had a guy on their practice squad and active roster for a while last year named Hebron Fangupo, and he measured in at 6'1, 323, so it seems like they're looking for a space plugger in the middle. That's what Hunter's upside is.

Why Seattle?

Dan Quinn connection. Similarities in body-type to Brandon Mebane, Hebron Fangupo.

Video courtesy of the excellent DraftBreakdown.