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NFL Draft 2013 Seahawks Sleepers: DL Glenn Foster, Illinois

The "Seahawks Sleepers" series is a flurry of quick scouting reports on some players that I've identified as potential targets for Seattle. My goal with this series is to highlight a few players that John Schneider, Pete Carroll and their scouting team might be interested in, and to give a brief synopsis as to why. For the most part, I'm high on the guys that I'll be pointing out - and I'll be monitoring them during the Draft and in Rookie Free Agency. Also, for the most part, these are mid- to later-round prospects because let's be honest, you're probably sick of reading about first- and second-round type guys.

DT/DE Glenn Foster, Illinois - 6'4, 286

Foster is a Greg Scruggs clone. Like... literally, a clone of Scruggs. Ok, not literally. But he even kind of looks like Scruggs a little bit. Regardless, like Scruggs, Foster is a rotational interior player and saw most of his time at DT for Illinois, where he collected 31 tackles, including 2.5 sacks and 5.5 TFL, in 2012. He blew up his pro day recently, running the 40 in 4.82/4.79 seconds with a 4.45 short shuttle and a 7.15 three-cone. He managed a ridiculous 39 1/2-inch vert with a 10-foot-9 broad jump (holy crap, seriously) so you know he has explosive power in his lower body, and is a freak athlete for his size. He also had 29 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press, so the upper body strength is there as well.

Foster is a non-Combine guy but with his size, a year in an NFL weight room and training regimen, and you could find yourself a pretty explosive 3-technique defensive tackle prospect after he adds about 15 pounds or so. Henry Melton is the prime example of this tactic - Melton was a running back in college, for god sakes, and came out at 269 pounds - and is now one of the better penetrating 3-techniques in the game at 295. Greg Scruggs is the Seahawks' version of this, I believe - and has recently bulked up to 295 as well, so I'm guessing the Seahawks' liked Chicago's strategy on this one.

Why Seattle?

Highly explosive athlete at 286 pounds that could be pretty intriguing if he could work his way up to 295 or 300, or so. Project type, but that's Seattle's style.

Obviously, may be useful at the strongside as a defensive end as well, but with Foster, I project him inside.

Video courtesy of the excellent DraftBreakdown.