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NFL Draft 2013 Seahawks Sleepers: DT/OT William Campbell, Michigan

The "Seahawks Sleepers" series is a flurry of quick scouting reports on some players that I've identified as potential targets for Seattle. My goal with this series is to highlight a few players that John Schneider, Pete Carroll and their scouting team might be interested in, and to give a brief synopsis as to why. For the most part, I'm high on the guys that I'll be pointing out - and I'll be monitoring them during the Draft and in Rookie Free Agency. Also, for the most part, these are mid- to later-round prospects because let's be honest, you're probably sick of reading about first- and second-round type guys.

DT/OT William Campbell, Michigan 6'5, 310

Great combo of size and athleticism with not much production to go with it. Campbell reminds me of J.R. Sweezy in that regard, so I'm projecting him as a possible offensive line convert for Tom Cable (also, Gil Brandt did note that some teams were considering this). Campbell played tackle in high school and was planning on making the switch to the offensive side of the ball prior to a regime change (apparently decided a new staff would help his production on that side of the ball).

Regardless, he is a former blue-chip recruit that didn't live up to expectations in school. He's a huge man though, 6'5 with an 80" wingspan and 10+" hands, so the thought of him on the offensive line is intriguing. His speed/agility times are about in the range you'd hope for in a guard/tackle prospect of his size - 5.15 40, 4.7 short shuttle, 7.3 3-cone, and an 8'11 broad jump and 27" vert.

He didn't fare all that well on the defensive side of the ball but we know Tom Cable likes the mentality that defensive players bring to the OL. I admit that this post particularly might be a reach, but it's Draft season, so here you go.

Why Seattle?

The Seahawks have seemed to target former blue-chip recruits and/or recent big-school transfers that have seen their stock fall in recent months or seasons.

Video courtesy of the excellent DraftBreakdown.