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NFL Draft 2013: Seahawks Draft Board (Horizontal Matrix)

DK Note: This is seriously awesome.

Jeff Zelevansky

UPDATED AT 3:30PM - Make sure you download the newest version of the Draft Matrix - I made some last minute changes this afternoon.

Okay Seahawks Fans...

Davis Hsu and I have created a new way to track the draft, by implementing what we call the "Seahawks Draft Matrix". This is, of course, version 1.0.

Here's the rub:

We've determined grades and rankings for draft-able players at each offensive and defensive position, and then contrasted those grades and rankings to existing Seahawks players, so as to emphasize which draft prospects could potentially upgrade current Seahawks players.

There are a few things to note:

- Blue highlighted players are existing Seahawks players
- Red highlighted players are existing Seahawks players for which Seattle only has one year of club control
- Any draft prospect with an asterisk (*) next to the name is an Underclassman

How to use the Matrix:

- Click on the image below.
- Right Click on the PDF file that opens, and select "save as".
- Name the file and save it to your computer.
- Print it off
- Track the draft by crossing off each selection

As for the grades:
These grades have been determined by myself after viewing substantial tape on the prospects listed, and considering the Seattle scheme. You can head to our "Prospect Rankings" to find analysis on a good number of the players included on this matrix. We weren't able to post analysis on every player on the board, but we did publish scouting notes on a good chunk of them.

The Grading Scale

Here's a look at what these grades represent, both for NFL Draft prospects, and for existing Seahawks listed in the matrix:

- 7.5 to 8.00 - Pro Bowl Player/Elite Player
- 7.0 to 7.5 - First Rounder/High Performer
- 6.5 to 6.99 - 2nd Rounder/Starter
- 6.0 to 6.49 - 3rd Rounder/Borderline Starter or Future Starter
- 5.6 to 5.99 - 4th Rounder/Solid Backup-
- 5.5 to 5.59 - Special Teams/Spot-Rotational Player
- 5.0 to 5.49 - UDFA/7th Rounder/Practice Squad
- Sub 5.0 - No roster spot

As for the "VALUE":
As for the "Round" number that we've placed each player in, this is not a prediction as to where we think the player will be selected, but rather, is an indication as to the "value" at which we've graded that player. Thus, if we've assigned a player to the 3rd round, but he's selected in the 2nd round, by our grade, that would be a "reach".


Note - Matrices updated 3:30PM April 25th

OFFENSE: DOWNLOAD HERE: (<---- Click for downloadable/zoomable PDF)

DEFENSE: DOWNLOAD HERE: (<---- Click for downloadable/zoomable PDF)