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2013 NFL Draft Trade: Seahawks trade back with Ravens, pick up two picks

Al Bello

The Seahawks have traded their 2nd round pick, #56 overall, to the Baltimore Ravens. In return, the Seahawks get Baltimore's 2nd round pick, #62 overall, plus an additional 5th (#165) and 6th rounder (#199). The Ravens used Seattle's pick to draft Ray Lewis' successor in Kansas State's Arthur Brown. Seems to be a win-win.

The Seahawks definitely favor the high-volume drafting style, and now hold 12 total picks. It's been said that not all of the team's draft picks will make the team this upcoming season but that's the type of competitive cauldron that Pete Carroll and John Schneider try to create. It's also about hedging your bets - the Draft is notoriously riddled with failures - high volume drafting gives the Seahawks a better chance of hitting on the amount of players they need to fill the back end of their roster with talented players.

Seattle picks next at #62 overall, barring any trades. Stay tuned...

Seahawks Picks:

2.26 (62)
3.25 (87)
4.26 (123)
5.5 (138)
5.25 (158)
5.35 (168)
6.26 (194)
6.31 (199)
7.8 (214)
7.14 (220)
7.35 (241)
7.36 (242)

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