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2013 NFL Draft: Christine Michael scouting report

Mike Zarrilli

My scouting report on the Seahawks' 2nd round pick:

Christine Michael
Texas A&M
0511 221 4.54
West Brook High School
Beaumont, TX

Positives: Explosive first step to the hole, maintains low center of gravity, and keeps his weight forward. Is not afraid of contact, and utilizes leverage extremely well to get under tacklers and drive them back. Will initiate contact, and does a good job of keeping himself clean within effective stiff arm and good balance through contact. Can stop and redirect with explosiveness and Is a tough open field tackle due to his agility and sudden change of direction ability. Is capable of being a consistent pass catcher out of the backfield, but gets a bit sloppy in his routes, and doesn't always look the ball in before turning upfield.

Negatives: Needs to do a better job of blocking in pass protection, as he'll get a bit lazy and just "throw" himself at the defender, rather than squaring up and engaging with technique. Has a history of injuries, so will probably slip a bit in this one due to health concerns. Character questions also abound, as he has been known to have issues with authority figures. At times, he will choose to engage defenders physically When there is seemingly plenty of space to elude laterally.

Summary: Michael is a dynamic back with first round talent, but character questions and health concerns could lead to a Draft day fall. His combination of physicality, explosiveness and agility give him the make up of an every down back at the next level, but he'll need to convince teams that he'll submit to authority, and that health issues are behind him.

You can find more of Derek's analysis at his Seahawks-centric draft, free agency, & pro player personnel site called "ScoutTheSeahawks." Head over and bookmark it - he maintains a really great free agent tracker in addition to his Draft focus that is much more in-depth than most places because of his background doing deep scouting of NFL Draft prospects.