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2013 NFL Draft: Jordan Hill scouting report


My scouting report on the Seahawks' 3rd round pick:

Jordan Hill
Penn State
0601 303 5.17
Steelton-Highspire High School
Steelton, PA

Positives: Short, coordinated and compact frame with thick upper half. Exhibits an explosive first step off the snap. Active hands on contact with strength to rip loose of his blocker's grip and find space. Fluid laterally with the agility to step around blockers quickly in conjunction with a quick swat or arm-over swim. Good straight-line speed when asked to chase the runner down field. Can break down and change direction in space rapidly, and exhibits a relentless nature in pursuit. Is an aggressive, feisty battler in the trenches who has the ability to wear his blocker down over time.

Negatives: Lacks lower body strength to anchor against the run, and is walked back easily at times by his blocker. Is not an effective bull-rusher. Hill is one of the more athletic middle-rounds linemen in the draft, and may be the most agile of the group. Will often come off the line "on top" of his blocker leaving him susceptible to losing the leverage battle and being shoved off the block.

Summary: Hill's quick get-off and ability to create space when combining lateral movement with aggressive hands, make him an intriguing situational pass-rush prospect, but his limitations as a run defender will make it tough for him to establish himself as an every-down lineman at the next level.

You can find more of Derek's analysis at his Seahawks-centric draft, free agency, & pro player personnel site called "ScoutTheSeahawks." Head over and bookmark it - he maintains a really great free agent tracker in addition to his Draft focus that is much more in-depth than most places because of his background doing deep scouting of NFL Draft prospects.