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The Scout's Notebook series [VIDEO]

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I've been putting together a series of articles over the past few weeks that explores the different traits and attributes to look for in NFL Draft prospects. In my research, I've run into this series of videos from, and while I'm not sure who's running the Eagles' official website, whoever it is, they're doing it right (Edit: Sander from over at BucsNation points out it's Fran Duffy).

In this series, former GMs Billy Devaney & Phil Savage, and highly respected anaylists like Charles Davis, Josh Norris, Mike Mayock, and Greg Cosell, among others, explain the things they look for when evaluating tape. This is an excellent, illuminating series. Check it out:

Scout's Notebook: Reviewing The RB Position

Scout's Notebook: Scouting Safeties

Scout's Notebook: Evaluating The Offensive Line

Scout's Notebook: Finding Pass Rushers

Scout's Notebook: Linebackers

Scout's Notebook: Wide Receiver

Scout's Notebook: Covering The Cornerbacks