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Recommendation: The Rookie Scouting Portfolio 2014


NFL Draft season is in full swing and if you're looking for an excellent prospect publication to purchase in order to get you brushed up on skill players, I've got a recommendation for you: The Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Matt Waldman is one of the most respected and original evaluators in the draft scouting/blogging community and his yearly booklet on QBs, WRs, TEs, and RBs is a must read. His proprietary grading scale is unique, and puts a new perspective on many of the players you have been reading about over the past few months.

Check it out:

What is the RSP? | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Read the Q&A behind the RSP

Q&A: Why buy the RSP? | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
BTW - Best pre-draft scouting report on every conceivable guy [at the skills positions] is by @MattWaldman. Very good read - -Chris Brown, author of and Grantland contributor, via Twitter Q: What is the purpose of the RSP? The RSP isn't a draft-prediction publication, it's an analysis of talent based on a player performance…

Note: This is not a sponsored post and Matt did not ask me to write this. I was just reading my RSP last night and thought I should spread the word about it.