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Seahawks meet with 19 more draft prospects on Local Visits, including Bishop Sankey, Keith Price

Seattle released an extended list of college players they've met with, now including their unlimited local visits from within Washington State.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks announced 19 "Local" VMAC visitors on their website yesterday. The biggest names on the list were Bishop Sankey, Keith Price, Scott Crichton and Deandre Coleman. ASJ was in New England visiting the Patriots. Perhaps now we are able to clearly see what is defined by a "Local" visit. NFL teams are allowed 30 Pre-Draft visits but unlimited "Local" visits. To qualify for a local visit- a player must have played for a college in Washington State or played for a High School in Washington State. That is why Coleman and Crichton qualified as "Local" even though Coleman went to Cal and Crichton went to Oregon State.

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Of the 19 "Local" visits, 14 of them play Defense. Not sure if that means anything, but that was something that I noticed.

I am not sure if Brandin Cooks and Demarcus Lawrence went to the VMAC, or met with the Seahawks offsite. If they went to the VMAC, I believe the list attached captures 26 of the 30 Official (Non –Local) visits. At Field Gulls, I don’t think we have ever successfully tracked that many in recent years. Besides the local visits- Alabama Safety Vinnie Sunseri announced he took a trip to Seattle. He is coming off an injury in October, so he may fall out of the draft. TE Chase Dixon told Jared Stanger (via Twitter) that he took a VMAC visit for interviews but did not work out. It sounds like today, the Seahawks sent TE coach Pat McPherson to work him out in person. Chase Dixon is 6041, 238, with no official posted measureables beyond that. I suspect his testing numbers could be quite good, but who knows. Dixon has also had a visit with the Saints.

If the last few names trickle in- I will update this list further.