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NFL Draft 2014 Results: Seahawks select FB Kiero Small in seventh round


Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have selected fullback Keiro Small, a fullback out of Arkansas, with their final pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Small, 5'8" and 244 pounds, finished with 151 rushing yards, 128 receiving yards and four touchdowns in 2013, and was a standout at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in the offseason, showing skills not only running the football, but catching it.

Former Colts GM Bill Polian talked about Small prior to the Draft:

"I've got a feeling if he's fast enough he could make it as a running back because he's got punch. As you could see there, he can adjust and catch the ball. It's a question of how fast he's going to be. But he's a guy that's interesting. You're going to want to go back and do a little more work on him."

Small ran a 4.89 40 at 244 pounds, meaning I'd guess Seattle does see him as a fullback, not running back. But, as you'd expect, he is lauded for his physical, 'seek-out-contact' nature, fitting perfectly with what the Hawks want to do in their run game.

As our own Thomas Beekers points out, Seattle may have targeted Small with their final pick because of how difficult it may be to bring UDFAs in with their crowded and talented backfield. Look for the Hawks to attack other positions of need in the undrafted ranks, starting tonight.