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NFL Draft 2014 Results: Seahawks Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Seahawks look to make hay with their UDFAs again.

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"It's an extraordinary part of the draft, because there are kids out there who are waiting for their chance to fulfill their dreams. They're sitting there waiting on the end of that phone and they've got to make a decision. Stuff happens within minutes sometimes. The whole process of that is only an hour and a half or so, two-hours long. So it's a big gold rush in a sense."Pete Carroll on the UDFA free-for-all after the final pick of the Draft -- Mr. Irrelevant -- is announced.


I wrote about the Seahawks' heavy recruitment pitch for UFDAs earlier this week, but if you missed that, revisit it here. Once the final pick of the draft is announced, teams will begin a bonanza of recruitment, seeking to add as many high-level undrafted players as they can. Here's our tracker for those additions, and keep in mind that during this time, things can be very fluid.

None of these are official until the team announces them. Many times, a player will agree and then change his mind.




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