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NFL Draft 2014: The Armchair GM Championship

Last year we eclipsed 100 lists submitted.

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I give you the third annual Armchair GM Championship. In a nutshell, the challenge is to predict Seattle's draft picks. Rank the twenty prospects most likely to be selected by Seattle in the order you feel is likeliest. If your top player is picked then you score 30 points. If your second player is picked - 29 points. Third player - 28 points, etc. Your final ranked player will be worth 11 points. Whoever accumulates the most points is the winner.


-- Submit a list of 20 players eligible for the 2014 NFL draft.

-- Score points by predicting Seattle's draft picks.

-- Whoever accumulates the most points by the end of the draft is the winner.

Tie Breaking (2 tiers)

Who predicted the most picks.
Who scored highest for the lowest round (because lower rounds are more difficult to predict).


Simply post your list in the comments section below and you'll give yourself a chance to become a champion draft nerd. As both an example list and a celebration of draft prediction greatness, let's check out Nate Dogg's winning list from last year.

1)Corey Lemonier 2)Cooper Taylor 3)Duke Williams 4)Khaseem Greene 5)Jordan Reed 6)Jesse Williams (25 points) 7)Larry Warfield 8)Christine Michael (23 points) 9)Zavier Gooden 10)Quinton Patton 11)Jordan Hill (20 points) 12)Matt Scott 13)David Amerson 14)Denard Robinson 15)Dallas Thomas 16)Travis Frederick 17)Chris Gragg 18)Bacarri Rambo 19)Ryan Swope 20)Sanders Commings

Add those up and you arrive at 68 points.


2013: Nate Dogg (68 points)

2012: HI Hawk 808 (72 points)


Here are some interesting stats from the first two years.

How many lists predicted at least one player?

2013: 60.8%

2012: 95.7%

What was the average score per list?

2013: 17.15

2012: 34.38


How predictable have Seattle's draft picks been?

Bruce Irvin: 10.62 (average score per list), 48.9% (prediction rate)

Russell Wilson: 10.47, 51.1%

Christine Michael: 8.90, 40.2%

Robert Turbin: 8.19, 38.3%

Jesse Williams: 5.00, 22.5%

Bobby Wagner: 4.83, 25.5%

Tharold Simon: 1.44, 6.9%

Jordan Hill: 0.81, 3.9%

Chris Harper: 0.44, 2.9%

Ty Powell: 0.38, 2.9%


Snipers (sole participant to predict a certain player)

Hawks4372: Winston Guy


So let's see those lists. I'll repost this article to the top of the front page on Wednesday for any last minute submissions.