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NFL Draft 2014 Results: Seahawks trade back with Minnesota to pick up extra fourth-round pick

As many had speculated.


The Seahawks traded their first round pick, #32, to the Minnesota Vikings. In exchange, they receive Minnesota's 2nd round pick, #40, and their 4th round pick, #108. Essentially, Seattle picks up an early fourth-round pick to slide back eight spots. The Vikings chose QB Teddy Bridgewater with the pick, which is a scenario that many had envisioned -- i.e., Seattle trading with a QB-needy team looking to move up and take a guy that fell.

It's an interesting development for Seattle, especially considering some of the names still on the board, but it's also an expected move. John Schneider and Pete Carroll went into the evening with six total picks and haven't been shy about their desire to trade back and acquire more picks. With Seattle drafting nine, ten times in the past few years, six always seems a little light for a team that hangs their hat on volume Drafting.

So, after all that, Day 1 of the NFL Draft ends with the Seahawks not making a selection. Stay tuned tomorrow -- Seattle currently has two picks -- #40, and #64 -- both 2nd rounders. They do not have a 3rd round pick.