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NFL Draft 2014 Results: Seahawks trade back with Lions to net additional pick

More picks for Seattle.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have traded down for the second time in the 2014 NFL Draft, sliding back five spots from No. 40. Per Josh Katowitz, Seattle traded No. 40 overall, along with a fifth-rounder (146), for Detroit's second-rounder, No. 45 overall, fourth-rounder (111) and seventh-rounder (227). The Lions used the pick to select BYU OLB Kyle Van Noy.

This is the fourth straight year that the Seahawks have traded back in the second round.

Seattle now has 8 picks, and are living up to John Schneider's claims from last night that they may not be done accumulating more picks, and players:

Round 2, Pick 13 (45) (From Lions)
Round 2, Pick 32 (64)
Round 4, Pick 8 (108) (From Vikings)
Round 4, Pick 11 (111) (From Lions)
Round 4, Pick 32 (132)
Round 5, Pick 32 (172)
Round 6, Pick 32 (208)
Round 7, Pick 12 (227) (From Lions)