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NFL Draft 2014 Results: Seahawks select OT Justin Britt with second round pick

The Seahawks selected OT Justin Britt of Missouri with the final pick of the second round, #64 overall.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks selected OT Justin Britt of Missouri with the final pick of the second round, #64 overall. Britt started 36 of 49 games in his college career, 30 at left tackle and 6 at right. As our own David Crockett points out, Mizzou practices their players at all positions so in theory Britt can play at either LT/LG or RT/RG. As we've seen with Tom Cable's offensive line, positional versatility is a big plus.

I didn't personally watch a ton of Britt but my impression was -- "solid". I know that may be slightly underwhelming for a 2nd round pick, but consistency and strength is something the Seahawks could use against NFC West defenses.

More on Britt as we do more study, but here's what some experts had to say about him:

Tony Pauline of

Positive: Three-year starter at left tackle who missed the end of the 2012 season with a knee injury. Well sized, small-area blocker who works through the whistle. Effective with his hands, keeps his feet moving, and stays square. Makes good use of angles, works to bend his knees, and blocks with lean. Patient in pass protection and knocks defenders from their angle of attack once he gets his hands on them.

Negative: Heavy-footed, not quick out to the second level, and does not play to his athletic numbers. Struggles adjusting and exploited by nimble pass rushers.

Analysis: Britt was workmanlike on the college level and offers the size and skill to back up at right tackle in the NFL.

From Rob Rang and

STRENGTHS: Looks the part of today's prototypical left tackle, possessing impressive height, very long arms and a trim middle. Good initial quickness, especially as a run blocker, firing off the ball to turn and seal defenders from the action. Physical. Gets a strong initial shove on the opponent, which oftentimes is enough to knock them onto their heels. He has a wide base with good bend and flexibility in his kick-slide to keep the pocket clean. Plays with his knees bent, butt down and on the balls on his feet, giving him good balance. Slides well laterally to mirror defenders and uses his arm length and powerful shoves to keep opponents at bay. Good awareness and competitive spirit. Peels back to knock down unsuspecting defenders in pursuit of ball-carriers. Experienced left and right tackle and some view him as a potential guard convert due to his power and tenacity.

WEAKNESSES: Possesses good initial quickness but tops-out quickly and too often isn't able to get to the second level in time to make the block on linebackers. Relies upon his initial shove too often, stopping his feet to get the emphatic punch on opponents and failing to latch on and sustain. Will be viewed by some as a bit of a 'tweener as he may not possess the foot speed to remain outside but may be too tall for most quarterbacks to see over and has never played guard. Requires a thorough medical examination at the Combine as Britt missed the final 3 and a half games of 2012 with a torn ACL. Previously in the year, he suffered a fractured foot that kept him out of spring practice.\