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Stephen Schilling signs with the Seahawks

Free agent guard/tackle Stephen Schilling has signed with the Seahawks, his agent announced on Twitter. Schilling was drafted by the Chargers in the sixth round of the 2011 Draft out of Michigan, and has been on and off the active roster and practice squad since.

From what I can remember hearing at the time, the Seahawks really liked Schilling a lot but the Chargers scooped him up four spots before the Seahawks' pick. Seattle went with Pep Levingston instead. Schilling is a former 5-star blue-chip high school prospect that has an absurdly detailed Wikipedia page, and was apparently recruited by both Tom Cable (at UCLA) and Pete Carroll (at USC) at the time. He chose Michigan.

Based on scouting reports from the time of the Draft, Schilling is an athletic lineman with experience at tackle, guard, and even some center. He's 6'4, 310, with long arms and a 79" wingspan. He got a 35 on the Wonderlic.

I'd consider this a no-risk depth signing with some potential to pan out well, just based on fit. From scouting reports I'm getting on twitter, Schilling should do well to play on the left side, away from his weaker right shoulder.