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Jared Allen hasn't yet announced a decision

The news late last week following Jared Allen's second visit to Seattle was that we'd have an answer one way or another very soon. "We are heading home," Allen told ESPN, "and will consider their offer and I'll make my decision this weekend." Well, the weekend has come and (nearly) gone and still no word. If Allen has in fact made a choice, I'd guess that tomorrow is the day it will be announced.

There was a premature report that said/speculated/suggested that Allen was about to sign with the Seahawks, but Allen left Seattle without a deal, apparently still considering his options.

As Ian Rapoport noted late last week, "Allen [is] considering three places now, with walking away still an option. Should know by the weekend what his future is. The 2nd meeting with Seattle was because key members of the organization weren't present for meeting 1, on a Sunday."

A couple of reporters close to the situation in Minnesota joined local radio this week, and those interviews are definitely worth listening to.

Now, we wait.