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Jared Allen continues to deliberate; John Schneider comments on the process

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Seahawks GM John Schneider joined the NFL Network on Tuesday morning and gave an update on the ongoing Jared Allen negotiations, noting simply that he doesn't believe "the door's closed" on a deal, "by any stretch of the imagination."

"We're limited in what we can do in terms of our cap space and what we want to do with our young football team, and he has a limit, too, in terms of what he can do," said Schneider. "There just has to be a balance. We had a great visit, he's a great guy, has a great family."

Key words here: 'limited in what we can do' and 'what we want to do with our young football team.' Seattle has to think about retaining Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Russell Okung, Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Byron Maxwell -- the list goes on.

This echoes almost exactly what Pete Carroll said on Monday regarding the ongoing negotiations, i.e., Seattle only has so much money to spend, not only this year, but looking forward a few years. "We're very restricted in what we can do, you know? We have a lot of work to get done here on our roster and a lot of guys we've got to work with and we're excited about extending and stuff like this."

As for Allen, Schneider said, "I think he's just sorting through whatever other offers he has out there and, you know, if he wants to play with us or he wants to move his family to a different part of the country. I think there's just a lot going through his head right now, you know? First time he's ever hit free agency."

Translation: 'We're just waiting to hear if he'll accept our offer.'

"He's a prideful man, he's accomplished a lot in this league, so anything that we were able to offer was not out of disrespect or anything. It was just trying to fit the pieces together."

More translation: 'Our offer was not even close to what he had originally wanted... but maybe he'll realize this is a place for him to hopefully win a Super Bowl.'

So, we continue to wait.