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Why DeSean Jackson wouldn't possibly sign with the Seahawks


"i love kenneth's brand of humor" he said
"i love kenneth's brand of humor" he said
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson will definitely not sign with the Seattle Seahawks.

Jackson is set to first visit with the Washington Redskins, a team that could offer him the chance to play with a young franchise quarterback, a Pro Bowl running back, and a star wide receiver on the opposite side of the field. It would also give him the opportunity to play against his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Signing with Seattle would only give him the chance to have four of those things.

The Redskins look to currently have roughly $7 million in 2014 cap space, and if he doesn't find a fit with Washington, he could travel to Oakland to meet with the Raiders, a team with an estimated $14.6 million in cap space. The Seahawks only have $15.2 million in cap space.

Of course, Seattle still has to give contract extensions to players like Earl Thomas and possibly Richard Sherman, with Russell Wilson's future set to hit the table for extension talks in 2015. These moves, sadly, will ensure that the Seahawks have All-Pro caliber players locked onto the roster for years of contention to come; is that something that Jackson wants?

In order for Jackson to even sign with Seattle, he might have to take a deal that contains no guarantees past 2014, much like the contracts that All-Pro corner Darrelle Revis has signed in each of the last two years. If Jackson were to take such a deal, he would unfortunately put himself in a position where he might have to sign a new contract with a team next year and if he were to do that, he might have to sign at the beginning of free agency, when teams have much more money to spend than they do now. He also wouldn't be doing it before a draft that's thought to have the deepest class of wide receivers this league may have ever seen.

And while Jackson could join the Seahawks -- a team that has supposedly been able to make offers to Golden Tate and Jared Allen that were rejected, seemingly meaning that they still have money they're willing to spend -- it would also mean that he'd have to join a team while they're already on top rather than getting to help rebuild the franchises of Washington, Oakland, or the Buffalo Bills.

Would Jackson really like to join a party in the middle of the night, or would he like to show up 30 minutes early before any of the booze has arrived? You know, when a party is really jumpin'.

Yes, Jackson on Seattle, playing with former college teammate Marshawn Lynch on offense (and Brandon Mebane on defense) would make a lot of sense from a scheme standpoint. Pete Carroll certainly has been looking for a speedy player of his caliber to put on the offense, a playmaker to pair opposite of Percy Harvin to make the offense possibly as exciting as the defense. But will it really be Jackson, a guy who was heavily recruited by Carroll out of high school and whom Jackson has shown a fondness for? I mean come on guys, does that make any sense?

I mean if Jackson wanted to go to the west coast and play for a contender, he could just sign with the San Francisco 49ers. After all, they have less cap room than the Redskins ($4.7) and doesn't Jim Harbaugh seem exactly like the kind of coach that would pair well with Jackson?

They'd never get into any sideline disagreements.

So spare me your reasons as to why Jackson could sign with Seattle. Sorry everybody, that's definitely not ever going to happen.