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Would John Schneider ever "pack" his bags and head to Green Bay?

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An eight second audio tidbit got me to pondering, would our fearlessly bold, title belt wearing dream boat of a general manager ever take his talents to the land of milk and cheese?

Kevin C. Cox

My good buddy Jason Hirschhorn over at Acme Packing Co tipped me off last night to some conversation being had on the local airwaves in Wisconsin about the future of the Packers franchise. Jason Wilde, a long time beat writer for Green Bay was discussing the future of the Packers franchise when Ted Thompson's future came up. Ted is over 60, and likely will retire before this decade is out. That's not a very interesting tidbit for Seattle fan's, but what Wilde said when prompted to guess Thompson's heir apparent might be.

If you're asking me who I think the next GM of the Packers will be, I would say John Schneider... and they'll someday have to give a draft pick to the Seahawks to get him to do it

You can listen to the entire conversation here, talk about Ted starts at 16:00.

This may be an off the cuff remark from Wilde, who is obviously in the business of filling airtime in the offseason. What better way to fill it than with talk of a young, talented general manager that is fresh off a Super Bowl win coming to Green Bay to continue the greatness that market has become somewhat accustomed to? On the other hand, beat writers are usually less prone to just throwing things out there, and Wilde is a close acquaintance of Schneider. It's possible he's heard something that's lead him to his assumption.

I want to say this is baseless, but Schneider did grow up in Wisconsin. He wrote a letter to Ron Wolf as a junior in college that landed him a job as a scout at an incredibly young age. It's not much of a stretch to imagine John likes the idea of moving back to the midwest some day.

It's the 27th of April, the perfect time for a hypothetical. How sad would you be if Schneider left the Northwest before we finished this run of 6 or 7 rings in a decade?